Unstoppable Domains Review and Tutorial | Buy NFT Domains

Unstoppable Domains. In this video, I’ll walk you through how to use Unstoppable Domains, how to buy a domain and how to set it up to accept crypto payments.

0:01 Why a NFT domain
0:30 Searching NFT domains
1:50 Buying NFT domains
2:34 Minting NFT domains
5:18 Managing NFT domains

There’s never been a better time to get your own NFT domain or a crypto domain name. You only need to pay one time, there are no recurring fees and you own it for life. In this video, I’ll show you how to buy a NFT domain using Unstoppable domains.

A NFT domain can be stored on a crypto wallet, and users cannot lose their domain even if they sell it. Moreover, the information used to register the domain remains private. Furthermore, because the information is encrypted, third parties cannot censor the content. This set-up makes Unstoppable Domains an ideal choice for censorship-resistant websites. This is a unique opportunity for people looking for a way to create a website that’s censorship-proof.

In case of Ledger, a user has to use the Guest Manage section for Unstoppable Domains. In this method, Unstoppable Domains pays transaction fees on behalf of the user. If you’re using the Trezor, however, you need to install a firmware on it that allows Unstoppable to pay the gas. This is the best way to protect your domain. Alternatively, you can use the Trezor, which is compatible with the Ledger.

Unstoppable Domains is a decentralized nature. Instead of IP addresses, domains are based on a distributed system. This means that users have complete control of their domains. Therefore, Unstoppable does not need to be involved in updating, linking, or transferring a domain. Its database is updated regularly, and its records cannot be changed without the consent of the user.

Thanks for watching this Unstoppable domains tutorial and review video.

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