Vampire Makes $150K/Month With YouTube Shorts?

Ok, so we all know vampires don’t exist.. or do they? In this video, I’ll reveal a ”vampire” using YouTube shorts to grow a massive audience who are ”dying” to watch his 30 second YouTube Short clips.

Vampire Channel:

Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Services

If you are a freelancer, self-employed individual or have a side job offering services but do not have a big budget for big advertising campaigns on newspapers, radio or TV, it is not the end of the world for you. This is because there are inexpensive and easy ways you can use effectively to make your services known to others. Promotional activities are very important since there is no way you can just sit at home and expect people to come asking what you do or can do. A few of these activities will give you recognition, appreciation and value which eventually increase your visibility and move you higher the ladder.

Your Website Is Not a Graveyard

We live in a world of technology, but I have seen too many small businesses and non-profits think there really is no need to have much of a web presence (especially with their website). Every day we use computers, tablets and smartphones. If you want to stay current, you need to be well versed in how to maximize the Internet, social media and apps.

How to Build an Online Community in Your Community

The Internet is a wonderful tool, but the effects of it can be disastrous to a community that has failed to keep up. Revive your local community by learning how to build an online community in your community.

Give Your Customers What They Are Looking for

So the moral of the story, give your customers what they want and you will get what you want – happy customers and more sales. Consider their needs and desires, find out what they want and supply them and you will have a happy army of regular customers. If however you try doing the opposite, aiming to sell only what YOU want to provide, as good as the item might be, you will be fighting a losing battle.

Radical Internet Marketing Tips – “If It Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Get It” (and Other Online Tips)

Do you know 3 of most important keys to online success? You can discover these 3 keys inside this article…

Best Passive Income Opportunities

It is always good for the individuals to have some passive income opportunities so that you can really have a great way for making money. These opportunities can really make the individuals have some extra earnings so that they can easily handle the things in best way. It is good for the individuals to choose some better methods so that you can get the good way for passive income. Here are the various streams through which it is possible fir getting passive income. It is good for evaluating these methods so that you can find out the one which is most suitable for you.

Steps To Follow In Starting A Dating Website

Over the years online dating has become very common. This has been brought about by increased use of internet in communicating. While there are many large online dating sites, research studies have shown that there is room for other dating platforms; therefore, if you are interested, you can start your own site. To guide you here are the steps that you should follow:

Why Web Hosting Is Good For Your Business

The Internet is one very important and powerful tool that greatly contributes to the success of a business. With more and more consumers using their portable Internet-connecting devices nowadays to shop or see what services they need and would like to quickly acquire, it’s imperative to set up an online presence right away and target the share of the market that prefers to carry out activities online. For this strategy, it’s not necessary to start off with a website, which can be a bit pricey; social media platforms can be used instead, especially because they’re free and it’s quicker and…

How Can Passive Income Be Generated?

Passive income is the best method through which you can easily make some extra money. Some of the versions of the passive income need you to get some money for spending for your various purposes. If you are all set to find out some means for creating passive income then you need to follow the various things. It is not so easily to start earning through such a method. You need to really put good amount of effort for starting your business for getting some passive income. It can be really a good way to get some extra money that you need.

The Top 5 Statistics You Have To Know For Your Website

Imagine opening a shop in an enormous town that had over 1 billion other shops. That is the reality of putting your website out on the Internet these days. You had better be making the most of the visitors you do get and understand what they are looking for, this article explains how.

Stop Living in Denial About Your Website Conversion Rate

Most website owners are living in denial about their low conversion rate which is ultimately the true cause of their low online profits. This article provides a resource to benchmark your existing conversion rate against the average PPC conversion rates so you can see how your site compares to others in your niche.

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